ODT or DOCX Document generation from models

Gendoc2 in Eclipse Gendoc2 has been proposed as an Eclipse component : Gendoc Eclipse proposal
Gendoc2 on Eclipse market place

Gendoc2 in TOPCASEDIn TOPCASED 5.3.1 platform (last version), Gendoc2 v1.7.1 is available.

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version 1.9.0

Content of v1.9.0
  • Fix image generation with Microsoft Office 2010 (since v1.8.0)
  • Handling of EMF image format
  • Handling of RTF format in richText tag
Update sites v1.9.0 - Indigo version :
v1.9.0 - Archive for local install :
Documents Tutorial : Gendoc2 v1.9.0 tutorial
How to launch generation in Batch mode : Gendoc2 batch mode tutorial
How to add bundles : Gendoc2 developer tutorial